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We are really big fans of our all natural, fragrance-free, lip balm because it is unlike anything we have ever tried before. We left out all the unnecessary unpronounceable ingredients and put in what we thought our lips really wanted. Needless to say, our lips were incredibly happy with the result because of the powerhouse ingredients below:

  • Coconut and Sunflower oils help to deeply hydrate and heal your lips.
  • Vitamin E is packed full of antioxidants that help to heal and protect your lips and fight off environmental free radicals.
  • Beeswax contains vitamin a, which is beneficial in cell reconstruction and helps to soften your lips. Beeswax also serves as a humectant, drawing moisture to your lips and serves as a barrier to protect your lips from environmental damage. 

With all those awesome ingredients, you can understand why we love our lip balm! Great for chapped lips, and non-chapped lips that want extra protection and moisture. This balm is also great to apply as a base before putting on any other lip products. 

Ingredients: Beeswax, coconut, sunflower oils, vitamin e.

Net wt .15 oz/4g

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