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It is important to the 27 team for you to feel connected to this project, whether you are near or across the world. We work with amazing young women who are the actual lives behind the statistics. It is easy to think of the number 27,000,000 and to see it as just a statistic. However, we hope that when you see the hands that made these products (faces and named omitted for safety) it will remind you that the number is not just a statistic. We hope it will remind you that there are 27,000,000 beating hearts behind that number. That there are 27,000,000 unique laughs, beautiful smiles, and quirky personalities. See below to see some of the hands that make up 27 Bath and Body. These precious hands are the hands that make and pour their creativity and love into each product. 

Hello, my name is Chyanne and I am the Chief Soap Maker at 27 Bath and Body! I've been making bath and body products for about six years. I moved to Cambodia in 2014 after graduating college, and have been formulating this project since then. I love people and Mexican food. 

These adorable polka dotted wrists belong to a girl who has a knack for soap making, and quickly picked up the skills! She is so sweet and stylish, and will never turn down a coca cola.


Pictured below is an awesome girl who is always rocking a bold lip color. She has so much creativity, and does an amazing job at thinking up new ideas! 
Holding the coffee bar below is a girl who is the queen of sassiness! She has an amazing laugh and a bright smile. You can usually find her with green tea and eggs, two of her favorite treats. 
Holding the Sandalwood Bar is a girl who has is shy and has a kind and encouraging heart. She has a passion for creating bath and body products!  

This girl is the ultimate joker, and the ultimate sweetheart! She has a real knack for soap making. She loves seafood pizza, and the color red.