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Our Training

Vocational Training takes place at Agape's Restoration Home

"Rehabilitation, restoration and transitional living are provided for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia by AIM Restoration Home (ARH). ARH is a safe and secure home and it is the goal of ARH’s loving and nurturing Cambodian staff to return hope for the future to each girl entrusted to their care and to prepare her for successful reintegration into society by providing for her physical, psychosocial, education, vocational and spiritual needs. Vocational training is offered to every girl as she works towards reintegration. Quality training in fields such as Information Technology, International Cuisine, Tourism, Cosmetology and tailoring are offered." - Agape International Missions

We teach survivors who are preparing for reintigration back into society skills through ARH's vocational training program. In the three month program they learn how to make various bath and body products as well as learning about business, marketing, and life skills. They are given a salary during their time in the program, and receive a significant amount of the profit from the product they make. Through the training program they not only gain a new skill, but also have a creative outlet. They gain more confidence in their ability to design and create something with their own hands. They also gain pride in having ownership over a beautiful product that is a reflection of their hard work and creativity. At the end of the training program they have the ability to start their own business, and/or are hired for employment if they wish to continue in the field of bath and body. After graduating from the program we continue to assist them in any way we can to help them grow, and empower them to reach their own success! These girls are incredible, and capable of such greatness. We firmly believe if we equip them with the right tools and provide the right support base, these survivors can successfully reintegrate and truly become women with vision!