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Our Products

Our products are a treat for your skin, a treat for your eyes, and a treat for your soul!

We use the highest quality natural ingredients to create products that are cleansing, conditioning, and pure, leaving out any unnecessary chemicals. We source almost everything locally in Cambodia, partnering with other social enterprises, local farmers, and business people. We are completely transparent with what we use, and will let you know exactly what is used in each product. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please shoot us a message. 

We care about the creativity involved in making bath and body products! The young women we employ have a say in everything from scent, to color, and packaging- so the final product you see is a culmination of all of their creative talents! We love seeing the personalities and quirks of the women come out in the products- that is why no soap bar ever looks exactly the same. We consistently use the same, safe, high quality ingredients in the same proportions, but every bar has its own personality. The people we hire are all unique in their own way, and we think that should come through in the way they make soap, and other products.

These amazing girls are really proud of the product they make, and they make it for you to enjoy! By purchasing a product you are directly employing and empowering them. Who knew something as simple as changing up your bathing and beauty products could radically change a life? It feels good to clean yourself conscientiously! 

If you ever have a positive comment to say to the person who made your soap, or other product, please send it our way. We would love to share your encouragement with them!