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The Hope Series: Part One of Three

We've curated a 3 piece blog that questioned three different people, all in different walks of life, on what the word "Hope" means to them. This is part one, written by Renee Love.

No one can live, not even for a single moment, without hope. Everyone has something we hope for; a new relationship, a better job, someone they love to be healed of a life taking illness, or simply that things can get better. The human soul is created to hope.

My husband approached a homeless man with a small offering of food and drink, and the man looked at him with tears and said, “You saw me. Everyone drives right by me, but you saw me.” And through that simple act of the love we’ve been shown being given to another, God whispered hope to a veteran of three Iraq tours that was beginning to believe that God had failed in His promise.

God says, “I will not leave you.” It simply does not matter what life looks like to our human selves…He will not leave us. His love for us is unstoppable. His promise is true. This is our hope.

It’s so much more than a desperate longing, it is reality and a truth; there is Hope whether I see it or not. It hinges on a promise, and the integrity of the promise Giver is as sure and strong as an anchor, holding fast a vessel that is wrestling with every wave. There is hope because of Him, who bore the weight of the world to set us free, He showed His love to a world that hated Him. Nothing can stop His love, nothing can sway His faithful promise.” -James Love


Renee Love works for Agape International Missions in their US headquarters. She has an adorable laugh, and spreads kindness to every person she meets. Renee loves spending time with her family, and is passionate about justice. 

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