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The time has come again for one of my favorite moments- GRADUATION! This session we had a total of ten girls graduate from the five week soap course and a short marketing course. Three girls were reintegrated back home, and the plan is for the other seven to be reintegrated in the next month- two months. The seven that are still here are going to continue learning and developing their skills. There will be two more main segments of classes. These classes will focus on: building a business and money management, and making other beauty products. 
The girls in this graduating class created some fun and unique bars- reflecting their awesome individuality! They created a multicolored orange grapefruit bar, and a coconut-vanilla bar that makes your mouth water. They also created an orange-cinammon smaller heart shaped soap bar, with exfoliating poppyseed. Their creativity was limitless! 
To celebrate our graduation we had a small party together where we did our other favorite group activity- dancing! Then each girl received a certificate and her favorite drink (usually a coca cola)- and was celebrated and encouraged in front of the class. We are big on celebrating all achievements- big and small! I've loved my time with each of these girls- seeing each of them grow, and getting to know their personalities. It was hard to say goodbye to the three, but I feel confident in their abilities to continue thriving! I am so looking forward to the time I get with the other seven girls. 
After graduation pic with one class of girls! We split them into smaller class sizes to give them more individualized attention.
The certificates for some of the amazing ladies!

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